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In the late 1940’s a serious consideration was given to the creation of a fire department for the town.  After two failed attempts, the fire district was formed in 1950, due to the donation of a Maxim 1919 cabless pumper by the Holy Name Society of St. Ann’s Church.  Unfortunately, during a test of its capabilities, the crankshaft broke.  Undaunted by this misfortune, the fire company incorporated on January 8, 1951.  They borrowed $6,000 and began construction of a firehouse.  It took more than a year and was built entirely by the volunteer labor of its members.  The new firehouse was dedicated July 4, 1952.  It was expanded in 1972 and again in 1986.  The fire auxiliary was formed around 1960.  Its purpose was to support the work of the firemen and promote entertainment and social activities for its members and the community.

Over the years there have been many wonderful memories of the Fire Company’s commitment to our community.  Fire drills, pancake breakfasts, Santa’s tour through the town on the fire truck, the annual Brooks BBQ and parades are only some of the good times we treasure.  We thank the dedicated members of the Sawkill Fire Company for their years of service to our community.  They are always there when needed whether it be a medical emergency, an accident, fire or flooding they are always there to lend a hand and give encouragement in time of need.