Whether you're new to Town or a lifelong resident, you may need some help figuring out how to tackle some common and uncommon tasks that you haven't encountered before.

The Building Permit application is available on our Documents & Forms page, but we suggest you access it from our Code Enforcement page which will provide access to other information you make want or need for your project.

Burn Permits are given out by the Sawkill Fire Department Chief and Assistant Chiefs with rules and guidelines set by New York State. Contact the Sawkill Fire Department at 845-336-6554.

To reserve the fire hall please call the Sawkill Fire Department Chief at 845-336-6554.

To reserve the town pavilion or meeting hall please email the Town Clerk or call 845-336-8853, ext. 3.

This is a New York State form that is accessible from our Town Clerk page.

We welcome comments to the Town Board at each meeting. Anyone wishing to address the Town of Kingston Town Board at a regular monthly meeting should contact Supervisor Paul Landi or Town Clerk Linda Nelson to be placed on the agenda. Please include the reason for your presentation and let us know how to get in touch with you with questions and to arrange a mutually agreeable time slot.

Email our Code Enforcement Officer, Bob Cologero, or call him at 845-336-8854 Ext. 4 or 845-594-4184.

Questions relating to traffic tickets should be referred to the Town of Kingston Justice Court. Their page features an FAQ section that may answer your questions, or you can call them at 845-336-8853, Ext. 1.