The Zoning Board of Appeals is a group of volunteers appointed by the Town Board to a 3 year term whose primary responsibility is to interpret the Town of Kingston zoning ordinance and grant variances.

Determination of the meaning of the text of the code or any condition or requirement made under the provisions of this chapter shall be made solely by the Zoning Board of Appeals.


  1. Where there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships in complying to the strict letter of this chapter, this Board shall have the power to vary or modify the application of any provision of this chapter relating to the use, construction, or alteration of buildings or structures or the use of the land. The spirit of this chapter must be observed to protect the safety and general welfare of the public and so that substantial justice is accomplished.
  2. In cases where the Appeals Board grants a variance from strict application of requirements, the Board may attach applicable conditions and safeguards in order that the result of its action may be as nearly consistent with the spirit and intent of this Zoning Chapter.
  3. Any person aggrieved by a decision of this Zoning Board of Appeals may apply to the Supreme Court of New York for review by an Article 78 proceeding in accordance with # 267, Subdivision 7, of the Town Law. 190-61 Rules of procedure.
    1. The Appeals Board may adopt rules for procedure in handling any subject matter under its jurisdiction, subject to Town Board approval including provisions for the conduct of meetings, the notification of parties, the form of applications and the filing of its decisions.
    2. Every decision of the Appeals Board shall be recorded in accordance with a standard format adopted by this Board and shall fully set forth the circumstances of the case.
Zoning Board Members
  •  - Chairman
  • Anthony Apel
  • Harry Sleight

Rosalyn Borghere - Secretary